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Rug ID Flash Cards

The Rug Lady Seminars Rug ID flashcard subscription series is a great way to improve your rug Identification skills.  The cards show rug information on one side and photos on the opposite side to help learn not only the appearance of a rug, but also it’s description. These flashcards can be used in a question and answer format when learning rug ID or just as a resource for you and your employees. This is an ideal reference tool for your rug business to help you better communicate with your clients about their valuable rugs.

A new set of 10 cards will be introduced each month. Each card is 5.5″ x 8.5″ and laminated for lasting usage.

Here are some comments about the cards:

“These are a must have item for anyone serious about wanting to learn more about rug ID. They are invaluable.  Ruth has put a lot of work into this to help you be the Guru your clients want you to be.”  Paul Pearce, IICRC Past Chairman and IICRC Instructor, Country House Carpet Care, Surrey, England

“I love the rug ID cards from Ruglady Seminars! I have hung them on a clothesline in my shop where my customers can see them. I look at the rug then the cards to find a few possibilities, then look at the back of the card for more information. It’s so much better to have them all in sight at the same time! I have them divided in areas by region, machine-made and specialty rugs. Persian rugs are divided by city, village and tribal.”  Ginger Kachline, Interior Care, Chattanooga, TN

“I’ve been meaning to get in touch about how helpful your rug ID Cards were for the Master Rug Cleaner Class! I used them to study!  Can’t wait to get more.  We’ve really enjoyed the subscription and opening the package each month.”   Meg Walker, Aladdin Cleaning, San Antonio, TX

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