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Inspector’s Kit-Silver

Barium Chloride (5%, 50 ml)
Dimethylformamide (100 ml)
Distilled/deionised water (250 ml)
Formic Acid (80%, 100 ml)
Hydrochloric Acid (0.1 molar, 50 ml)
m-Cresol (50 ml)
Methanol (50 ml)
Nitric Acid (0.1 molar, 50 ml)
Potassium Ferrocyanide (5%, 50 ml)
Silver Nitrate (5%, 50 ml)
Sulphuric Acid (0.1 molar, 50 ml)
Universal Indicator (50 ml)
Xylene (100 ml)

As Bronze Kit,
Beaker (400 ml)
Bunsen Burner (with tubing)
Dissecting Needles (2)
Filter Paper (Ø 90 mm)
Glass Rod
Magnifying glass (10x magnifi c’n)
Numbered cards (10)
Petri Dish
Pipettes (disposable, 40)
Sample containers, solids (sealable bags, 8)
Sample containers, liquids (bottles, 3)
Test Tubes (10 ml, 10)
Test Tubes (25 ml, 10)
Test Tube Holder
Test Tube Rack
Tripod Gauze
Universal Indicator Colour Chart

Moisture Meter
pH meter (Extech PH100)
Tape measure (10 m)
UV (black) light

• Kits come in tool boxes, (the large one for the equipment and the smaller one for the chemicals).
• Material Safety Data Sheets for the chemicals and instructions for equipment are included where appropriate.

*Dispatched to UK addresses only*


Price: £350.00

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