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Advances in Carpet Manufacture

Advances in Carpet Manufacture, a very comprehensive textbook on carpets, published by the scientific publishers, Elsevier was recently updated and expanded. The book, edited by Professor K.K. Goswami, is part of the Textile Institute Book series, and aims to cover all topics on textile floor coverings, from fibre types, through different manufacturing to design and recycling.

WoolSafe chairman, Paul Bakker wrote about The acoustic and thermal properties of carpeted floors, and Dr Ágnes Zsednai contributed a chapter on Carpet cleaning and maintenance, including a Stain removal guide.

The book can be viewed and bought through the Elsevier on-line bookstore: https://www.elsevier.com/books/advances-in-carpet-manufacture/goswami/978-0-08-101131-7.

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