WoolSafe Grand Expo – The first ever 3D-mapped interactive virtual tradeshow!

26/Apr/2022 - 28/Apr/2022
5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

WoolSafe Grand Expo - The first ever 3D-mapped interactive virtual tradeshow!

WoolSafe is very excited to announce that the first live WoolSafe Grand Expo 3D virtual event will take place Tuesday 26th April to Thursday 28th April 2022. It’s going to be a ground-breaking expo so please put the dates in your diary today!

The exhibition will go live at 5pm UK time each day when visitors will be able to navigate around the tradeshow floor and visit the stands of the WoolSafe Licensees and Associate Carpet Manufacturers. Just like walking onto a stand at a live trade show, visitors can pick up a brochure, talk face-to-face with exhibitor staff, watch a demonstration and find out about and place an order for equipment and solutions. Look out for special deals during the event!

WoolSafe Grand Expo Free Registration

From 6pm to 8pm the WoolSafe Grand Expo Stage will have an amazing line up of the top educators in the industry, delivering seminars, workshops and demonstrations and there is also a virtual café-bar where attendees can meet to network and relax.

There are different educational topics on each evening including specialist cleaning of fine fibres and research into treatments on chemically degraded fibres, business development through sales, marketing and networking. The last evening focuses on infection control and bodily fluid clean-up.


Grand Expo Educational Programme: Seminars and Discussions

Tickets can be bought from within Grand Expo after Free registration

Day 1, 26th April, 6pm – 8pm (London): Rugs and Research

WoolSafe Research: Treatments for Chemically Degraded Wool Carpets and Rugs

Dr. Agnes Zsednai WoolSafe M.D and Ruth Travis, WoolSafe North America Director

How to improve the performance of chemically damaged wool carpets and rugs. Whether the damage is from incorrect cleaning or lustre washing there are treatments that carpet, and rug cleaners can apply to improve the serviceability of these floor coverings. Those signing up to the educational programme will get exclusive access to never-before-seen high resolution light microscopy and scanning electron microscopy images of damaged wool and how treatments have rejuvenated them. These can be used to explain about their carpets and rug issue and and upsell to customers the post clean treatments.

Find out more about Dr Agnes Zsednai  and Ruth ‘Rug Lady’ Travis

All Wool Rugs Are Not Created Equal

Lisa Wagner, RugChick.com, WoolSafe Tutor.

Wool is a superior choice of fiber to have on the floor of your home. The best quality wools are durable, spill resistant, and long lasting. However, in today’s rug market the push for cost cutting short cuts has made some wool rugs into very short-life floor coverings. Join Lisa as she shares case studies of some of the more problematic wool rugs in the market today, with guidance and insight on handling these challenges when they arrive through your rug cleaning facility doors. Tips on managing expectations, improving results, and communicating with clients.

Find out more about Lisa Wagner


Cleaning Fine Fibres: Overcoming the Challenges of Viscose

Paul Pearce – WoolSafe Tutor

Viscose fibres are going to be with us for many years to come. We know that some of the production processes are improving the fibre, which helps how it reacts to soils as well as maintaining them. In general, dry compound extraction is the recommended cleaning process, however we all know that isn’t going to deal with spillages on a reconstituted wood fibre. I will share with you some of the techniques I use to remove some soils & restore the pile during a spot clean.

Find out more about Paul Pearce

Q and A Panel of Experts: Ruth Travis, Lisa Wagner, Paul Pearce, Dr. Agnes Zsednai. Host: Richard Sudall

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Day 2, 27th April, 6pm – 8pm (London): Cleaning Business Development 

Multiplying Profits Without Pushy Sales Tactics

Mark Kennedy – WoolSafe Tutor

Mark has helped hundreds of cleaning companies make more money almost immediately with his easy-to-implement sales system. Discover how to present your services in a way that leads to higher revenue without using pushy sales tactics or raising your prices. Mark shares specific steps to creating stronger sales and cash flow in your company.

Find out more about Mark Kennedy


Sales and Marketing ….what’s the difference?

Jim Bardwell III – Partner Fiber Protecter America Director of Sales, Marketing, Education and Training – WoolSafe Licensee

In business the term “sales and marketing” are often listed as a main pillar in an organizational chart. Although are closely related parts of a successful business, these terms are not interchangeable and there are some important differences to keep in mind! These differences become even more important in a small organization when often the same person is performing both of these important tasks. We will discuss strategies to find success with these important aspects of your business, especially if you are a small to medium sized company!


Build Success with Referral Sources

Scott and Miranda Gwilliam of Rug Worx – Approved Service Providers, Approved Rug Care Specialists

Join Scott and Miranda Gwilliam of Rug Worx in Arizona for a discussion regarding networking in-person AND online. They will share their journey of how they built their business with referral sources. Their current success revolves around working with interior designers and industry partners within the design community. They will offer tips and tricks on networking, social media, referral marketing and rolling with the punches during this ever-changing time.


Top 5 Marketing Nuggets

Allan Simmons – WoolSafe Tutor, Approved Service Provider, Approved Rug Care Specialist.

Allan Simmons shares his best performing marketing tips, all tried and tested in his multi-van operation, and proven over many years, to give great returns!

Find out more about Allan Simmons


Q and A Panel of Experts: Mark Kennedy, Jim Bardwell, Scott and Miranda, Alan Simmons, Host: Richard Sudall

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Day 3, 28th April, 6pm – 8pm (London): Infection Control and Biohazard Cleaning Awareness

The Challenge of Infection Control

Eleanor Matthews from Germerase – WoolSafe Licensee

Eleanor will cover the common pathogens that require control and the impacts of failure to do so including ‘the good, the bad and the ugly’ – common practices and best practices when it comes to disinfection.


SHEP – Surface Hygiene Epidemic and Pandemic.

Cole Stanton of Benefect – WoolSafe Licensee

What does COVID-19 teach us about the Science Behind Getting Back to Normal?

  • Valuable Lessons About the Science of Disinfection​
  • Enhance/Expand Restoration​
  • Understanding the Role of Disinfection​
  • Surface Hygiene Epidemic and Pandemic (S.H.E.P.)​
  • Key Takeaways


Bodily Fluid Clean Up

Adam Jankowski and Ryan Hughes – WoolSafe Tutors

Learn about how to protect yourselves and others from infection when cleaning blood and other potentially infectious materials. This applies to anyone in any sector of the cleaning industry where you have to deal with anything from a few drops of blood from a nosebleed to more serious accidents or incidents.

Find out more about Adam Jankowski


Q and A Panel of Experts: Eleanor Mathews, Adam Jankowski, Ryan Hughes  Host: Richard


Tickets for the educational programme can be bought from the events page from within GrandExpos.com once you register for the FREE Exhibition

Prices for the 3-day educational programme:

WoolSafe Members, Associates and Product Licensees: £25.00 + Vat (apply the voucher code WSmember10 at checkout)

Industry Partners (NCCA, Textile Pro Network, IICRC Registrants): £30.00 + Vat (apply the voucher code Partner5 at checkout)

Standard Price: £35.00 + Vat

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