WoolSafe Fiber Care Specialist

2:30 pm - 7:30 pm

WoolSafe Fiber Care Specialist

This is a rare opportunity to take the WoolSafe Fibre Care Specialist training in a classroom setting in North America (the last time was 6 years ago). The course is being held on the last afternoon at the Experience Convention being held at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel, Las Vegas, NV. Don’t miss your chance to see, try out and learn about all of the latest and most advanced equipment, tools and procedures available in our industry today.

You can register for the course as a stand alone training day or bundle it together with the WoolSafe and Textile Pro Network Rug Revenue Workshop and Conference on Saturday 12th September.  Find out more

The Fiber Care Specialist course initially follows wool fibre from fleece, to yarn, to carpet, and therefore, it describes aspects of textile processing and carpet manufacture. Initial processing and carpet or rug construction is followed by basic issues concerned with actual cleaning. These aspects of what are essentially textile technology, determine the ways in which wool carpet and rugs should be maintained and cleaned.


  • Introduction to wool and other carpet fibres and their physical and chemical characteristics of relevance to carpet cleaning
  • Manufacture and characteristics of 100% wool and wool-rich carpets and rugs
  • Colouration techniques, dying and printing of wool and wool carpets and rugs
  • Cleaning and maintenance techniques specific to wool and wool-rich carpets and rugs
  • WoolSafe approval programme for carpet and upholstery cleaning and protection products
  • WoolSafe approved products: how and why they are selected, and why you should use them
  • Common problems with wool floor coverings and how to deal with them.

Registration at 2:15pm, Training sessions will begin at 2:30pm and finish at approx. 7.30pm. Room TBC

A course manual and an ‘open book’ examination paper will be issued to every candidate at the end of the training course. Completed exams must be returned to The WoolSafe Organisation for adjudication within one month. The minimum standard required is 80% for qualification as a WoolSafe Fibre Care Specialist. Candidates who achieve this mark will be invited to become WoolSafe Approved Service Providers. Those that meet the membership requirements will, upon payment of the registration and membership fees, be registered, listed and issued with the relevant Certificate.

Here are FOUR reasons you might want to consider becoming a WoolSafe Approved Service Provider:

  1. Being a WoolSafe Approved Service Provider goes a long way toward positioning you as an expert in the care of fine textiles.
  2. This applies to carpet cleaners as much as rug cleaners.
  3. WoolSafe is one of the few organisations that will actually send you work through referrals.
  4. Being a WoolSafe Approved Service Provider allows you to charge more for your services.

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