WoolSafe and Textile Pro Network – Rug Revenue Workshop & Conference

8:30 am - 4:30 pm

WoolSafe and Textile Pro Network - Rug Revenue Workshop & Conference

Saturday, September 11th 2021 in Las Vegas, Nevada following The Experience Event.

The Textile Pro™ Network and WoolSafe® Organisation are teaming up for this one day workshop for rug cleaning business owners to empower them with the knowledge to grow their companies as big as they want them to be.

Whether you are a start-up, or long time operation, you will discover the systems that have built some of the most profitable rug cleaning operations in our industry. Step-by-step instruction on developing a solid stream of high quality leads that are systematically nurtured into profitable, ever-growing job flow.

Textile Pro and WoolSafe Academy Instructors Mark Kennedy and Lisa Wagner will lay out a detailed rug company blueprint for multiplying new business, repeat business, and referral business revenue. This sales and marketing content has never been shared outside of consulting circles, so it is a unique opportunity for rug business owners who want to create strong rug revenue growth.

WoolSafe Technical Research Topic:

Chemically Damaged Rugs – Prevention and Treatments – by Dr. Agnes Zsednai

Understand what chemistry damages wool fibre carpets and rugs, how chemically washed rugs and those cleaned with incorrect chemistry are impacted, and what options you might have to mitigate the damage.

Understand how to recognize damage and what corrective measures and treatments might improve the interior textile’s performance, and what you can and cannot do in these situations.

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Additional learning opportunity…

WoolSafe Fiber Care Specialist Classroom Training at The Experience Convention – Friday September 10th

A rare opportunity in North America to learn all the essentials about wool carpets and their maintenance, in a classroom environment, and qualify to join the WoolSafe Service Provider global network.

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