Principles of Biological Hazard Cleaning

4:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Principles of Biological Hazard Cleaning

Since the free WoolSafe Panel of Experts Webinar about PPE and Sanitising Services we have been inundated with positive feedback about the level of knowledge and expertise of the panellists and the relaxed delivery of the information in discussion format.

A few members commented that they still had so many questions remaining. Not surprising as this is such a broad field and the expertise required is so high.

WoolSafe Academy is therefore  offering you more of what you have been asking for, the opportunity to sit at the table with Ryan Hughes and Adam Jankowski and pick their brains. The training is for eight hours split into two 4-hour discussions.

This is not a training course in the traditional sense where a tutor gives a presentation, this will be a small virtual meeting room with a maximum 9 participants alongside Ryan, Adam and the host Richard Sudall. Panellists and participants will all have video and microphone.

This format will give participants the opportunity to ask all the questions they need answers to and to drill down into the topics that they most crave information on.

Topics for discussion will cover:

1.              Health and Safety (and environment)

2.              The nature of biologicals

3.              Safe Work Practices and Standards

4.              Insurance cover

5.              Paperwork (protocols, risk assessment, method statements, exposure control plan etc.)

6.              Equipment

7.              Consumables (PPE, Chemicals, plastic sheeting etc.)

8.              Protocol

9.              Decontamination set-up

10.           Cleaning procedure

11.           Completion

12.           Sampling and clearance techniques (swabs, ATP etc.)


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