Fibre Care Specialist Training Course

9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Fibre Care Specialist Training Course

Tutored by Dr Agnes Zsednai, this classroom based training course assumes that the student has reached a reasonably high level of competence and experience in cleaning carpets and rugs. It is intended to be an essential reference and resource for those who are concerned with maintaining residential or commercial wool carpets and rugs. With this objective in mind, this course initially follows wool fibre from fleece, to yarn, to carpet, and therefore, it describes aspects of textile processing and carpet manufacture.

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Ticket Type Price Spaces
Non-WoolSafe member £145.00 +VAT
Second trainee from the same company £99.00 +VAT
WoolSafe Member £72.50 +VAT
Industry Partners
Members of NCCA, NICF and Textile Pro Network
£135.00 +VAT