WoolSafe Panel of Experts Series Webinar 2 – Strategies for Trading in the New Normal

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Mark Kennedy – WoolSafe Academy Trainer and founder of the Levels of Success programme
Lisa Wagner – WoolSafe Academy Trainer, Approved Service Provider and Director of Textile Pro Network
Allan Simmons – WoolSafe Academy Trainer, Approved Service Provider and Director of GetBookedUp
Richard Sudall – WoolSafe Business Development and host of the webinar

Are you ready for trading in the new normal, OR will you create a new strategy NOW and develop your business in the new future?

Every cleaning professional will change the way they work, physical distancing, amended risk assessments, modified cleaning procedures and techniques, PPE inventories, etc. BUT how many of us are working on our customer relationship and business marketing strategies? You’re providing a different offering so you need to market a different message.

Never before have we seen cleaning professionals applauded by healthcare professionals, our industry is at the brink of a huge growth phase, the raised profile of cleaning and the realisation that we play a critical role in population safety will bring opportunities for many of us. Not all businesses will be prepared, those that do not change strategy NOW will lose to those that do.

Our panel of WoolSafe Experts will share important changes that need making to customer facing systems and strategies, they will share thoughts on what NEW expectations your customers will have and how to book work NOW for weeks and months ahead.





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WoolSafe Academy

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A discussion between experts in an informal format, online with Q and A from the ‘audience’.

Aim of the webinars
To help the businesses of professional carpet cleaners, and WoolSafe members in particular, survive the Covid-19 crisis.

Date: Tuesday 5th May 2020

This 60 minute hosted webinar will allow attendees to ask questions and steer topics to suit their needs.

1. Free
2. Members first then open to all.
3. Open to members first and recorded. Recording later shared to wider audience.

*The answers given by the panelists are live and are not vetted, their opinions may or may not align with the official advice given by the WoolSafe Organisation.*

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