Inspector’s Carpet Complaint Investigation Online Course

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Online course

This on-line training course is intended to provide detailed information regarding the investigation of carpet complaints.


£295.00 + VAT

More than 40 types of complaint are described and a basic understanding of suitable test methods, some of which can be carried out directly by the carpet inspector, are also discussed. A section on competent report writing, with example reports is included as are checklists of appropriate source materials, including British and International Standards, to which the inspector might wish to refer.

In this increasingly litigious world complaints appear to be on the increase. For this reason there are clear possibilities for the competent inspector to develop additional business in their own particular area and there is opportunity for those not currently offering the service to do so. As such the course will be of value to carpet cleaners, retailers and installers alike.

Success in the course provides an opportunity for the trainee to complete the additional  distant learning requirements to allow them to be listed as a WoolSafe Registered Inspector.

Stages of the Course

The course is arranged in 14 modules divided into three sections.

Part One (Modules 01 – 09) is concerned with the nature of faults, how they may be identified, how they may arise and whether they are legitimate reasons for complaint.

Part Two (Modules 10 – 12) describes a range of test procedures, some of which may be carried out by the enthusiastic inspector, others which may require specialist equipment. The more knowledge that an inspector has regarding the type of tests available, the more meaningful will be the report.

Part Three (Modules 13 and 14) discusses how to conduct an in situ investigation and prepare a satisfactory report.

Each course module is followed by a self-evaluation in the form of questions, some multiple-choice, some requiring a written answer. They are based on the information presented in the current module. Simply read the question and select the correct answer from the options provided.

Students should read the information presented in each Module carefully. Then, they should answer the questions at the end of each Module to test information retention. The question will be graded electronically for immediate feedback.

If the student selects the right answer, the programme will indicate that the choice is correct. If the student chooses the wrong answer, the programme will specify that the answer is wrong and recommend the student review the information again. At that point, the student will have to wait an hour to attempt to answer the question again. Of course, the purpose for the wait is to prevent skipping over essential training information and simply answering questions. This defeats the purpose of the course. While a passing grade is 80% or higher, the objective is to achieve 100%, since there is no limit to the number of times an individual exam question can be attempted.

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