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Cleaning Fine Fibres


This one-day course teaches trainees the best methods, chemistry and techniques for cleaning, maintaining, protecting and carrying out spot removal treatments on a variety of natural fibre carpets, rugs and textiles including: sisal, viscose, silk, bamboo, sea grass and coir.

These fibres are becoming more prevalent in high-end rugs and carpet and present a considerable challenge to even the most experienced cleaners. Understanding what results are possible and how those can be achieved are crucial in maintaining your customer’s confidence while managing their expectations.

Cleaning Natural Carpet Fibres, Course syllabus

  • Introduction & overview
  • Pre-inspection & why it’s important
  • Pre-testing the carpet
  • Conditioning the Client
  • Fibre types & how to determine the fibre
  • Cleaning processes, Advantages & disadvantages
  • Approach to cleaning i.e. Vacuuming, Spotting, Brushing/Finishing
  • Damage Limitation
  • Cleaning solutions (good & bad)
  • Biggest enemies (pet soils & home remedies)
  • Practical Cleaning Demonstrations
  • Remedial repair of pile distortion demonstration
  • Questions

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