About Gabriel Andreca

Gabriel is a fibre care professional specialising in Persian and Oriental carpet cleaning, restoration and colour repair. Originally from Transylvania, Gabriel studied law in Romania, before moving to England in 2003. In 2007 he got a HND in business from Newbury College and decided to start his own business soon after.

He initially started as a carpet cleaner but soon discovered his passion for hand made rugs, and colour repairs.

He has developed the Brio Dyes – acid dyes specifically formulated to make rug and carpet bleach spot corrections easier, and has also put together a set of dyes for sisal and seagrass colour repairs. He is currently working on a set of natural dyes.

In 2021 Gabriel went to Turkey and spent several weeks in Ankara learning and practising the art of rug repair and restoration.

Having brought these skills back to the UK, Gabriel is now spending most of his time either working on high-end carpet colour repairs up and down the country, or happily tinkering in his rug workshop in Hampshire.