About Eric Brown


Dr Eric Michael Brown


I am Eric Michael Brown, Director and Chief Executive of Cleaning Research International Ltd.  I have an honours degree in Textile Chemistry, a Masters degree in Textile Technology, and a Doctorate in Textile Technology, all from the University of Leeds, a Masters degree in Business Administration from the University of Bradford and an honours degree in English Literature from the Open University.  From 1970 until 1987 I was employed by BTTG-Wira, (formerly Wool Industries Research Association) where I was inter alia Head of Technical Services.  At Wira I was responsible for several laboratories concerned with the investigation of all aspects of textile performance from raw material to finished product, and including the laboratories of the British Carpet Technical Centre.  Also at Wira, I was responsible for the setting up of CAMRASO, the Cleaning and Maintenance Research and Services Organisation, of which I was Manager.  I have been employed by Cleaning Research International since 1987.


I act or have acted as a Consultant for a large number of organisations in connection with carpets, in matters concerning their performance, cleaning, or installation.  I have also provided expert evidence in a number of cases where disputes have arisen about the performance, durability, cleanliness or installation of carpets. The subject of my Ph D was the soiling of textile floor coverings.


In connection with cleaning I have been involved in the development of building cleaning specifications for many blue chip organisations including Manchester Airport, Merrill Lynch, The British Library at St Pancras and more than 25 Universities and Colleges. I have also been involved in the laboratory evaluation of cleaning materials and equipment for a wide range of manufacturers and currently am listed as a consultant by Clearcast (formally the Broadcast Advertising Consultative Council)


I am the author of five textbooks, Fundamentals of Carpet Maintenance, An Introduction to Carpet Cleaning, Cleaning Specifications, their preparation and implementation, Conducting a Cleaning Audit and An Encyclopaedia of Cleaning Technology and Terminology; and three manuals, The Identification of Carpet Faults, Diagnostic Techniques for the Investigation of Carpet Complaints, and Case Studies for Carpet Inspectors.  I was also the Editor of the textbook New Initiatives in Cleaning Management.