About Allan Simmons



Marketing & Systems Specialist

Allan started a cleaning business straight from college in 1988 and still runs a successful five van cleaning business in a hands off capacity.

In the early days of running a busy growing business and having a feeling of overwhelm Allan discovered Michael Gerber’s book “The ‘E’ Myth”.  That set him to follow what is now his passion, working on systems and marketing.  “Your business success comes down to systemising your marketing, and systemising the delivery of excellent service.”  In 1998 he started the development of his now well known, industry specific, GetBookedUp Marketing Database software. With many rewrites and updates since then it’s now used by hundreds of cleaners.  His passion for marketing means he belongs to numerous marketing mentoring groups himself.  He takes ideas he sees in other industries and tailors them to this industry, then, after using his own carpet cleaning business as the proving ground, shares those ideas with others.

GetBookedUp and his own Marketing and Mentoring programs are now Allan’s main focus.  He helps users, and none users, of his software to systemise their business administration and marketing to give them more profit and more time with family.  He’s a regular presenter for industry suppliers and trade associations, and has had marketing articles published in the trade press.

His other passion is working as a professional magician, and he has more than one Marketing trick up his sleeve to help you make more profit, with less stress.