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WoolSafe Academy Training

The WoolSafe Academy® provides training courses, technical literature, manuals, professional standards and expert advice to all those involved in the manufacture, sales, ownership and maintenance of carpets and rugs.

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Online & Distance Learning Courses

Fiber Care Specialist Online – North America

This online training course is intended for North American (USA & Canada) carpet and rug cleaners interested in learning more about Wool carpet care. Carpet cleaners outside North America should enrol on the worldwide course below. The online course was developed and made available to learn more about cleaning and maintenance. Originally this course was taught in a face-to face format but here in North America have a challenge with distance, so we created the on-line course. The purpose of this course is to provide carpet cleaners with a convenient means for updating their knowledge on wool carpet cleaning.
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Fibre Care Specialist Online Course Worldwide

This online training course is intended for carpet and rug cleaners interested in learning more about Wool carpet care. It is an essential reference and resource for those who are concerned with maintaining residential  or commercial carpets and rugs. Modules on processing and carpet or rug construction is followed by issues concerned with actual cleaning. These aspects of what are essentially textile technology, determine the ways in which wool carpet and rugs should be maintained.

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Carpet Inspector – Complaint Investigation

This on-line training course is intended to provide detailed information regarding the investigation of carpet complaints. More than 40 types of complaint are described and a basic understanding of suitable test methods, some of which can be carried out directly by the carpet inspector, are also discussed. A section on competent report writing, with example reports is included as are checklists of appropriate source materials, including British and International Standards, to which the inspector might wish to refer.
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Australian Fibre Care Specialist Course

This is an advanced level distance learning course for Australian carpet cleaners who have had years of experience and / or prior training in carpet cleaning.You must succesfully complete this course if you want to become a WoolSafe Approved Service Provider. Learn much more about wool and synthetic fibres and why they have different cleaning needs. Learn more about the chemistry of cleaning and how to produce better and safer results for your customers.

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Classroom Courses & Events

WoolSafe Conference 6th & 7th October 2016

We are thrilled to be hosting WoolSafe Conference 2016 at the Midland Hotel in Bradford on the 6th of October 2016 followed by a Fleece to Floor Tour on the 7th.

This year’s conference is looking at how best to clean and maintain challenging fibres such as bamboo, silk, viscose, sisal, seagrass etc. We’ll be discussing and demonstrating the different methods and treatments that can be applied to these fibres that are found increasingly in the expensive carpets and rugs of high-end clients.

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The ‘Faster to Master’ Total Carpet Care course

This 5-day training course is intended to deliver the most comprehensive and best value for money carpet and upholstery cleaning training available in the UK today. We believe that this course will produce a very quick return on investment to those who learn, adopt and adapt to the best practice built into the modules in this program.

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Fibre Care Specialist training Course

This classroom based training course assumes that the student has reached a reasonably high level of competence and experience in cleaning carpets and rugs. It is intended to be an essential reference and resource for those who are concerned with maintaining residential or commercial wool carpets and rugs.With this objective in mind, this course initially follows wool fibre from fleece, to yarn, to carpet, and therefore, it describes aspects of textile processing and carpet manufacture.

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Carpet Inspector – Complaint investigation

inspectors course photoThis 2-day course is presented by Dr Eric M Brown of Cleaning Research International, who has been a carpet inspector for more than 30 years, during which time he has inspected hundreds of installations, both residential (domestic) and commercial (contract). A significant number of claims have gone to Court, where Dr Brown has acted as an expert witness.

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Carpet Repair and Installation course

DSC02318A new classroom based course with ‘hands on’ practical participation by trainees. The course covers such essentials as: refitting loose carpet and door bars, basic carpet repairs, re-stretching, seam repairs etc. It has proven very popular with carpet and rug cleaners wishing to add a premium service for their clients and make safe fittings prior to cleaning.

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Advanced Spot & Stain Removal From Wool Carpet and Rugs

This unique and practical one-day course has been Wine spill WOW smallspecifically designed to instruct trainees how to master the unique chemistry and physics involved with the successful removal of common spots and stains from wool and wool-rich carpet and rugs. It is aimed at carpet cleaners, house keepers, facilities managers and anyone else responsible for the maintenance of quality carpet.

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Rug Cleaning Technician Course

WoolSafe Academy is running a 3 day Rug Cleaning Technician course (IICRC RCT) that covers area rug identification and appropriate cleaning techniques and methods. It is intended for professional cleaning, restoration and inspection service providers as well as others in related industries. Emphasis is placed on teaching cleaning theory, practical application, hands-on techniques, and understanding cleaning limitations.
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Colour Repair Technician Training Course (IICRC CRT)

IMG_1235The Carpet Colour Correction Course covers the history of dye, colour theory, the carpet dyeing process, carpet fibers and construction, and spotting procedures, as well as on-location carpet dyeing. This course is being taught by the only IICRC-CRT instructor who is actively involved in a full-time rug and carpet cleaning company and performs colour correction in client’s homes and offices.

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Control and Treatment of Textile Insect Pests

Woolly BearThis Classroom based training course is intended for those professional cleaners wishing to add an extra service to their portfolio. The instances of insect pest infestation are on the increase so this is a growing sector in need of trained and qualified operators. The course looks at insect biology, their life cycle, identification, location and treatment as well as covering P.P.E. Requirements and health and safety of treatment appliction.

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